A Mother's 'SuperSense'

They don't tell you when you're pregnant that, after a baby, your senses become heightened in a way that you never would have imagined. If your kids feel pain, you feel that pain 10 fold. If your kids find joy in something, you find joy. For example, when our cranky little Connor-man was 1st introduced to a baby swing - and loved it- WE loved it!
I mean, you just don't realize how many things you are suddenly in-tune with. Like how you're the 1st one in a crowded room to detect even the slightest smell of poop. People look at you like you have 3 heads after they hear you say, "I smell poop." Because well, no one else can smell it yet. You also can detect within a 1 minute time period that you're sleeping child will soon wake up totally pissed off(well as pissed of as a newborn can get. Which is, to be completely honest, pretty pissed off) just because of the way they sigh in their sleep or keep repositioning their head. You also are intensly aware of your breasts (I think especially if you're breastfeeding) and expressly forbid your husband to even look at them, let alone touch. Or anything else for that matter.
As they get older, you within 5 minutes of waking up, know if it's going to be a blissful day or a day where you are contemplating downing a whole bottle of vodka before 10 a.m. You know what your kids going to ask for before they even speak it. You can see it in their eyes as they begin to say, "Mommy, I'd like candy for breakfast today." It really is, almost along the lines of a superhero sensibility. It all becomes second nature. Until one day.....when you are reminded once again just how scary you are in your mom 'supersense'.
This morning, for example, I was sleeping on the couch as usual. Bry & Connor are awake and hanging out at the computer. Now mind you, I'm like on the cusp of sleep. So, not awake, but not in REM sleep, either. But I would say I was asleep. So, Bry is engrossed in his RPG and Connor is sitting behind him, watching his Daddy throw spells at orcs or trolls or what-have-you. And I keep hearing this little voice say, "This is damn. This is so damn. Jake said that the portal is damn." Basically, damn, damn damn. I squint in the direction of my husband and cute son & say to Bryan, "Uh, honey? Do you hear what he is saying?" To which I get this response: "No. I mean, I heard him saying something, but I didn't know what." Granted, Bry had headphones on, but I was certain that the volume wasn't too loud. Anywhoo. Connor repeated what he was saying & Bryan told him that it wasn't nice & not to say it again. Mission Accomplished. Threat thwarted.
So, this brings me back around to the 'supersense'. I couldn't believe that, while being on the cusp of sleep, I was that in tune to my child's voice or my child's presence. I'm not trying to say that I'm this amazingly amazing person. I'm just saying that women as mothers are amazing. That this sense that we are given upon having children is pretty cool.
And that, my friends, is why they call me................Mrs. Incredible!

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