Must Haves and Can't Stands

Tabitha likes:
ice cream, good music, deep-muscle back rubs, being outside, newly vaccume'd carpets, pulling the covers up to my chin, passionate people, smiles, hugs, books, fabric, the sound of horns (i.e trumpets, trombones, saxophones) in music, goosebumps, coffee, brand new boxes of crayons, (how old am I, really?), breakfast, Gin and Tonic

Tabitha dislikes:
people who don't stand for anything, cottonballs, simple spelling mistakes, using words in the wrong context, the feel of clothes or towels (especially towels) with no fabric softener, the feel of chalk, MICE, MICE, MICE, clutter.

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Maigh said...


Here's mine... http://www.maigh.com/2004/06/29/ode-to-amelie/

Anonymous said...

PLEASE delete that 'C' word!!!!