Gracie's Handi-work

This is how Gracie chose to spend her time (with one of those big, fat permanent markers) while mommy was busy blogging this morning. Yes. I was blogging. This does not include the drawings on the hardwood floor in our bedroom, the area rug under our bed, and her sheets.
I think repainting is in order. How can something so cute be so destructive?!

2 ripples in the pond:

slackermommy said...

I see that your daughter is a budding artist like my kids. They have drawn on the leather headrests in my car (does not come out), painted on my neighbors garage (who happens to be very anal), and drew on the walls with lipstick (took several coats of paint to cover). I'm so thankful I'm not alone.

Tabba said...

Ooooh yeah, I'm wondering if we need to just totally repaint OR if we can just prime over it & touch it up. We'll see. Damn kids!