The True Genius of J.K. Rowling

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. When the 1st movie came out, I totally poo-pooed the whole thing. I would laugh at adults who enjoyed it. I thought it was just a silly children's book. I've never really been into the whole magic/fantasy thing. And I guess it's because I just never gave it a chance. However, I finally broke down and watched the 1st movie a few months after it's release & have been hooked on Harry movies and books ever since.
Today, I've had the most geekiest of geeky revelations & think I have come to understand the true genius of J.K. Rowling. Here are a list of a few items/spells which I think she created as a result of being a mom who needs a helping hand from time-to-time:

*Invisiblity Cloak - for when you want to sneak off to the bathroom by yourself (this almost NEVER happens otherwise), you want to enjoy that bowl of ice cream without sharing one stinking bite with the kids or you and your husband need a nooner.

*Pensieve - for when your mind gets too clouded with all of the details, thoughts and memories that we try to carry around and call upon later. After all, once you become pregnant it's a fact that your brain is sucked of it's memory and full potential.

*Polyjuice Potion - for when you want to create the illusion of those other mom's/women who have it totally together, to act out fantasies with your husband by you or him taking on the form of someone else OR when you want to momentarily see what it's like for your child to be like the 'normal' kids in playgroup.

*Marauder's Map - for when all you want to do is lay down or blog, you can use the map to see where your children are in the house without getting up & to see what they are up to.

*Accio Charm - again, for when all you want to do is lay down or blog & need to call upon certain items without getting up. You can 'Accio, cup of milk' or 'Accio pint of beer at 10:30a.m.' or 'Accio diapers and wipes from babies' room upstairs.'

*Transfiguration - for when you want to escape for a minute, take on the form of an animal or other object to see what your kids really do when left alone OR see what your husband really does or doesn't do when left alone with the kids.

*House Elf - You know how all of those feasts magically appear in the Great Hall at meal times at Hogwarts? Wouldn't it be great to have a House Elf just magically come up with all of the meals and menus and unload all of the laundry/dishes????

I'm sure there are many, many more that I've missed. But these are just the obvious ones to me. The woman is a freaking genius. I just wish these things were possible! A girl can dream, can't she?

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