24 - Vettori edition

Here is what has happened in the past 24 or so hours:

*Gracie informed me at about 6 pm last evening she had to 'potty'. She ripped off her diaper, we walked upstairs, she sat on the potty for 2 seconds. She got down and went into her bedroom while I piddled. I walk out of the bathroom to find her on top of her dresser/changing table looking down saying, "Yucky, poopy" where I find a HUGE puddle of pee. I love you, Grace.

*I let Scout out to pee at approx. 7:45ish a.m. whereupon he fled the home. He has not been seen since. This is not his first escape. However, each little escapade is lasting longer and longer. I'm upset, but exasperated with this mutt.

*Connor wakes up as Bry is walking in the door from looking for the said missing mutt. Connor hears that Scout is missing where he promptly and matter-of-factly said, "Mom, you are doing a dog battle. You're having a battle with Scout. Scout is going to win." 4, this kid. He's 4.

*Connor & Bry went out this morning for a first-day-of-school haircut. He looks sexy & fine. For 4, anyway.

*We dropped Connor off for his first day of school. More on this later.

*My mother is apparently the landscape fairy that I had mentioned a few posts back. She hasn't arrived with magical manure. But she has come armed with a weed-eater, pruners, rakes, weed killer and sheer, brute strength. Thanks, Mom.

There's the speedy update. I need drugs.

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