We Miss You

Well, I wanted to do this really cool post regarding an IM conversation that Alex & I were having about Connor's potty progress, but the picture I need to do it won't cooperate. So I want to take a moment to reflect on our friends across the pond, Liz & Al. We miss them terribly. They are such great friends and we have felt a void since Al has moved. However, we are happy that they are happy and wish nothing but the best for them. I feel like a total nutter (which I am) when I was at Al's parent's house the last time & saw a picture of Liz and Alex and started welling up with tears. Friends like them don't come around very often. And we're lucky enough to call them that. Friends.

Now that the soft & mushies are out of the way, Alex, Bry is VERY concerned about the fact that you are driving in London. I mean, considering, your track record here in the states & all. But he's thinking that you might be ok, because you're used to driving on the 'wrong side of the road'! Kidding, sweetie. You know we love ya's!

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