Things Keeping Me Occupied This Summer - Part Dos

If you have just checked out my blog, I did a post like this once before. Unfortunately, I deleted my blog accidentally on purpose. Ha! So, here ya go, if you're interested in what is keeping me occupied right now.

Charting the times Connor has a BM. Glamorous, I know.
Charting Connor's 'sitting' times on the potty.
Rewarding Connor for sitting on the potty.
Reminding Connor that even if he poos in his pull-up, it must be done in the bathroom.
Yelling at my kids.
Reading to the kids.
Trying to remain patient, positive and calm in dealing with my 2 year old GIRL. This is terribly difficult.

Do I really need to say? It should be a given.

Memoirs of a Geisha, Chocolat, Benchwarmers, Amelie, Blow, Cindarella Man

Memoirs of a Geisha. Just finished 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz', Dress Your Family in Curduroy and Denim, Snow Falling on Cedars, and Holidays on Ice.

Anything that is somewhat funny/interesting. I'm a TV whore right now.

Anything negative and victimizes ME, apparently. HAHAHA. Kidding.
When is the next time I can ride my bike?
Where is the next place I can ride my bike?
How did George Bush get re-elected?
What is that weird smell when I walk in the house?
I need a weed-eater.
Why didn't I win the Powerball?
How did George Bush get re-elected?
Why do my kids get on my nerves so much?
Are my boobs really getting smaller?
How did George Bush get re-elected?

"I'm flypaper for freaks." - Beth Zamara on attracting crazy people. (Which doesn't speak well of me.) Read Post titled 'Still Crazy After All These Years' to confirm my craziness.
"Emanicapte yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds." - Bob Marley 'Redemption Song'
"I have news for you." - Connor Vettori, 4, upon telling me I needed to get him more milk in his cup.

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