Random Story #1

Our front window has a pretty large windowsill. I guess it would be called recessed or whatever. Well, my kids LOVE to stand in the window and hide behind the curtains. This drives me absolutely insane, but they still do it from time to time. What also drives me up a wall is that, from time to time, they do this naked. You see, my kids love to be nude.
So, one day, Charley (the head coach from the Wrestling team Bry assists with) has to stop by to pick up keys to the weight room. After some time, we look outside and see Charley parked across the street. He obviously was having a tough time finding our house. Meanwhile, Gracie is in the window, with a dripping popcicle, and no shirt on. Bry heads outside to exchange keys with Charley and I'm totally embarrassed that he stops by & sees our daughter in the window.
When Bry comes back in the house, I ask him if Charley saw Gracie in the window. Bry said, "Yeah. He said he wasn't sure which house it was & then he saw her in the window & figured this was it."

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