Free To Good Home

My kids have officially worn out their welcome. I'm tired of all the cute little 'kid' things they do that to others are funny. I'm over it.

*I'd love to go to the bathroom by myself, thank-you-very-much.
*I'd love to take a shower in the steamy, warm goodness without having a child open the door to let a rush of cold air in. Just as I'm stepping into a towel. Thanks.
*I'd love to walk through my livingroom without being maimed, sliced or tripped by all of these freaking toys!
*I'd love to sleep through the night for a week straight.
*I'd love to go to my bedroom and find that that is the one room in the house the kids haven't defiled with their toys, snacks, cups and permanent markers. (every sheet set we own for our room is completely destroyed as of today at 1pm)
*I'd love to have just one TV on in the house with adult programming on. And when I say adult, I don't necessarily mean something along the lines of 'The Throbbit'. I mean, normal programming.
*I'd love to have a clean carpet in my house. Not one that looks like it's been ripped out of a condemned home. Oh, wait.....give this place about another hour & it will be condemned.

Damn kids.

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