I'm a race car in the red. Do you know what happens to a race car in the red???

Here we go. My morning. Bryan & I have been flying through a shit storm in a toilet paper rocket the past few weeks. However, despite all of that, we've been remaining pretty positive. But today. This morning. I'm freaking losing it! Here is what has pushed me over the edge:

Voice-activated phone menus. On paper, they sound great. But when you have 2 screaming kids and you're trying to navigate through your banking information via a voice-activate menu, it DOESN'T FREAKING WORK!! Can someone please fix these things???? Can't we just hear the information & not be taken back to the start menu over and over just because I've cleared my throat OR because one of my kids decides at that moment that they need to climb back in the womb?!?!?!?! I know, I know. This is minimal in the grand scheme of what could be wrong. But it's just an annoyance that I could live without. And the thing is, that this happens EVERYTIME I check my bank information. I've kept my patience for 2 years now & today I've HAD MY FREAKING FILL OF IT!!!!
Sincerely Yours,

Let's move on to my next complaint. My kids and their lack of interest in a)Going to bed at a reasonable hour, 2)taking over my bed and pushing me to the couch, D)now taking over the couch, but can't take back my bed because one of the kids and the dog is still taking over the bed. I'm too tired to move the kids. I'm out of it. I have no idea what is going on, all I know is that an empty space calls for me at night & I go to it. Bry is too tired to even know what the hell is going on, he doesn't even budge. I'm on my own. I am so very tired.

Lastly, (well, there's more to complain about, but nothing worth hearing - not that these are either) I've had a headache for over a week now with NO relief. And if you know anything about me, I don't get 'headaches'. I'm tired of popping advil/ibuprofen. And if you know anything else about me it's that, I hate taking medication. I hate pumping that stuff into my body. Will someone please make a small crack in my skull to relieve some of the pressure?

Again, I know in the grand scheme of things, things could be worse. I know I've got it pretty good. And again, these are just annoyances that I could live without.

AAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..........that feels better. I'm sure I'll get another 'whaa' comment from anonymous and who knows, the 'World at Large' may even pay me another visit. But you know what??????? Everybody has to vent once-in-awhile.

4 ripples in the pond:

Jon said...

In the fire department, we'd ventilate burning buildings to clear out the smoke and heat so we could get at the fire to put it out. Without the venting, it'd have been nearly f*ing impossible to get at the heart of the fire. So venting is healthy for people, and everyone does it. Like this one time, I thought I was going to get laid, but then I didn't. Wait, who reads this?

Tabba said...

HAHAHAHA, You never cease to make me laugh, Jon!!!
And don't worry, I think you & bry are about the only people who read this!!

Pippajo said...

Venting...isn't that what a blog is for? If you can't rant and rave into a sea of anonymity, then where can you? Thanks for your comment on my page. It moved ME to tears and I do believe you are right. Also, I too hate hate hate those voice-activated phone menus. I try to hold my thumb over what used to be called the mouthpiece of the phone, but even that doesn't work. Do those inventors think that ANYONE ever uses the phone in total silence? Sheesh.

Love that you have a sick sense of humor, love that you're so UN-PC, and I will be back!

Tabba said...

thanks for stopping in, Pippajo!!