I feel as Jumpy as a Virgin at a Prison Rodeo

I feel a little scared. I'm working on getting everything together to start school (again) in the fall. The kids will both be starting school as well, Bryan has switched to the "night" shift (which really only means working 2 nights a week), I need to pick up a part-time job, I NEED to get back on the bike and I'm freaking out, man! I am just running through everything in my mind and wondering how is a hot momma like myself supposed to do it all? How am I supposed to be a mom, wife, student, employee, reader, blogger and cyclist all without being totally insane and bitchy? Is it possible?? Can I juggle it all?
I tend to lean towards gloom & doom and think of all the reasons why things can't work rather than focus on how they can. But maybe by purging these evil thoughts I can move forward.

This picture pretty much says it all. My feelings exactly, Connor.

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