This Post May Make Me Sound Like A Blogging Stalker

Blogging can be so weird. I get up this morning & pop in on my favorites. Or should I say my regulars and one favorite. And on my favorite, I see a comment posted by someone that I've never seen post before & I recognize the name. I showed Bry & explained to him how I new the name. This makes no sense. So, to clarify how weird blogging can be, let me explain how I found my favorite. And then I'll explain the rest.
My brother-in-law has a blog. He's had his for about 2 years. He has a huge list of blogs he reads regularly and from his list of regulars, there were about 3-4 that I would read. One being Jason Sager's blog. One day, while reading this blog, I saw this picture that intrigued me and clicked on it. This picture then led me to what has now become my favorite blog. So, I found my favorite blog via my bro-in-law's blog, via another blog. Make any sense??
Now, the name that I recognized making a comment on my fav. blog is linked on my bro-in-law's blog as well, as one of his regulars. But I don't read her stuff or comment on hers. I'm not linked on my bro-in-law's blog. So, it's not like she reads my stuff and saw the links for my regulars and one fav. And I realize that it's not beyond the realm of possibility for her to find a blog that I happen to read as well. The world seems so huge & if it weren't for blogs or the computer, none of us may have never crossed paths. It just makes me realize that we are really not that far removed from each other. Even complete strangers who know each other through someone else.
There have been so many times when I've been out on a trail, riding & I'll see a 'familiar' face. When, truth-be-told, I only know the face from seeing countless pictures and reading countless stories on my bro-in-law's blog. It really does make me feel like a stalker. Because I could recall in a 2 min. time-span what has been going on in their lives for the past 2 years. And this person has never seen me before. Weird? Yup. I'm not a stalker, really. I just have an uncanny knack for remembering details. And reading a blog is like reading a book. You invest in it, the characters and the message.
So anyway. I just thought it was just a weird co-inky-dink.

6 ripples in the pond:

Anonymous said...

The curiousity was killing me, so I went searching and figured it out. 6 degrees.

Tabba said...

I'd like to test your investigative skills, anonymous. Name all of the missing characters.

And yes, 6 degrees. Truly it is.

Tabba said...

BTW it's not Kerry Litka's blog. I like it, but it's not my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Miagh to Sager to Mega to fatmarc to you. Ah, 5 degorees, even better.

Tabba said...

hahahaha! Right on ;)!!!

Maigh said...

Welcome to the bloggosphere!

Once upon a time I worked with a guy named Neal. Then I didn't work with him anymore. Then the building next to mine burned down and I blogged about it as I organized a fundraiser (and was on TeeeVeee) and Neal sent a link to Codie (aka Christian) who read me for a while then we met and became friends. Then his friend Sager started reading and ribbing me and then we became friends.

How ya like THEM bloggeriffic apples?

We make it a small, big world and I love it.

Glad ya found me. ;)