Greedy Little Pig

I have no motivation, inspriation or ?? right now. I don't know what to blog about. I'm falling into a slump b/c of putting weight back on & not being on the bike. I don't know if it's the weather, the time of year or what. But I need to climb out before I fall completely into an abyss of laziness.
This is the only thing I could think to type about:

If I had unlimited funds what would I buy?
*Sex and the City - all 6 seasons
*Canon EOS Digital Rebel
*2 new bras
*breakfast at Cosmo's on Sunday morning for myself & Bry
*new Dansko's
*the firearm that Bry has been drooling over
*A new livingroom carpet
*Paint for Connor's room
*Wainscott & paint for dining room
*A new vehicle
*that 2nd tattoo I've been threatening to get, but haven't yet
*A Farm
*Some horses
*A Road Bike
*A New Bike Rack
*A Razor Phone for Gracie (HAHAHA, I crack myself up!!!!)
*A series of once-in-a-lifetime vacations for Bry & I to go on

I'm not asking for much, am I? And didn't I just post about indulgence or something like that? Hmm, I don't think so ;)

7 ripples in the pond:

s@bd said...

only 2 new bras?

maybe some matching undies?

(sorry, i don't know you at all ... but ... i couldn't help myself)

chunky monkey said...

That's not a bad list. I'm afraid mine would be way more coastly. Of course the pink razor phone would be at the top of the list. ha ha ha ha ha Just kidding.

Tabba said...

HAHAHA!! I thought about that after I typed it. 2 bras are enough to get me through. I needed to 'save' the psuedo-money for the really important stuff. Like the Sex and the City & the camera!!!HAHAHA!

Jon said...

Well Tabba, you do have a birthday coming up; maybe somebody will buy you the firearm that Bry's been drooling over as a gift?

Tabba said...

HAHAHA! You know him so well, Jon!!
Sorta like when a guy buys a girl tickets to a sporting event for her birthday/Christmas. Now, who is that really for?????

Anonymous said...

Tab, you don't even know.... I could show you FAT. It lives in London and it's named Sianni. 190 lbs the other day! Honest. Bry? isn't that like friggin heavyweight div? Oh yeah, on an ironic side note, I'd love an English Cosmos! Mmmm...

Tabba said...

Cosmo's R-O-C-K-S!!!! Get outta here with FAT, Al. You're ridiculous!!